The Sachs-Carriveau Family

I met Mama Stephanie, years ago.  She sang like an angel at my grandmother's funeral.  For a split second, we didn't think she would be able to make it, but she was able and I will never forget my Aunt Julie yelling with excitement, "WE GOT STEPHANIE!!!"  When I heard her voice at my grandmother's funeral I could fully understand my aunt's excitement.

Her family is the family you want your own family to be, big and loving.  It was fun to watch all the grandchildren running around and having fun and watch the siblings banter with one another.  We went over to Standley Lake in Westminster and got a couple shots.  One of the things I LOVE about this family is their true love for all things sports.  Stephanie is a true Broncos fan, thick and thin and Mike is a true Green Bay fan, thick and thin.  It was fun to have them get all in their jerseys and support their teams!

Kate DavisComment