The Sprague Family

I met Brittany while taking birth photos for her life long best friend.  She had mentioned she hadn't had family photos since Ivy was a baby.  Of' course, I was like, "This has to change immediately!"  We decided to go down to industrial Broomfield and get a little adventurous.  Her children are so darling!  (Seriously, that beautiful hair!!)  My buddy Ethan, a huge batman fan, was so helpful and came up with some great ideas.  And little Ivy loved to say, "Cheese!"  And with those cheeks, how could I resist taking her photos?!?!  I think the thing we all had in common was we loved making wishes with dandelions!  Look at how sweet Nick and Ivy are making wishes!

Grandma and Grandpa joined us too.  I love when I get to photograph different generations.  Julie and Brian were so sweet and you could tell there was so much love between this tight-knit family.  

***On a side note, I did not edit Brittany's teeth at all.  Did not touch them!  Feel free to learn more here on how she get's those beautiful snow white teeth!