Most Loving Family Ever

I met Karen years ago in my early 20's.  She worked at a restaurant and was like the mom of all of these kids that worked there. She was always kind, loving, funny and super thoughtful.  She kept everyone on track and was the type of person you just wanted to be around.  The one thing I that I remember about Karen is that she was a phenomenal mother to her kids.  She just pours so much care and love into her kids.  I've had the absolute privilege to watch Sean, Ryanne and Kelly grow up to be amazing adults, but that doesn't surprise me, I know who their mother is!

Karen started dating Chuck about 7 years ago and they were like a couple of teenagers in love.  7 years later, they still are like a couple of teenagers in love.  Throughout my entire session, they laughed and teased each other.  We went down to Golden, Colorado to take some morning snaps.  With all of this weird cool, raining weather we were able to squeeze our session in between the rain.  It was not difficult to get genuine smiles from any of them as under their breaths they were exchanging jokes and having a good time.   They are lucky to have each other and I have been lucky to watch this family over time!  Thank you so much for letting me capture your family photos before Kelly goes off to school!