The Hodges

I usually don't have problems writing my blog, but when you have to blog about a friend you have had over 30 years the words suddenly escape me.  30 years of memories, laughs, tears come to mind and I'm blank.  Funny how that is.  

Heather asked me to come down to Denver and take some photos of the family and we decided to take up residence in my favorite neighborhood on 17th Street on a median.   (This is the place I dream of living one day and wonder, "Who the heck lives here?")  I always have so much fun with my nephews.  Max is an excellent director and scenes from Return of the Jedi were played out from when Princess Leia rescued Han Solo.  (Excellent performances by both Heather and Ian) and Max took playing George Lucus very seriously.  Watch out Hollywood! And then there was the happiest baby on the planet Presley.  Just smiling, laughing and giggling the whole time.

Words cannot express my love for this family.