I met up with Mia in June to discuss her senior photos and hear her vision for them.  The thing about Mia is that she LOVES to travel.  This doesn't surprise me as her uncle has lived all over the world and every time I call her grandparents they nonchalantly say something like, "Well we just got back from Africa, but let's get together before we go to Japan."  To say traveling is in their blood is an understatement.  So when Mia said she was thinking about heading out to DIA for her senior session, I wasn't surprised, but I was incredibly excited to do something outside of the box.

Denver's airport is so amazing and unique.  The kind people at DIA gave us permission to shoot around the terminal.  I absolutely love the energy of all the people eager to get to their destinations, and it was apparent that Mia was feeding off the good vibes.  Mia was an absolute natural and didn't even flinch with the hundreds of people staring; she totally rocked this shoot!

Mia, it has been an absolute privilege to watch you grow up!  Congratulations on your senior year.  Oh, I can't wait to see the places you go!  

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