Humor is the spice of life

I once laughed through an entire funeral. So I guess I should say humor is also the spice of death. Too far, Kate, too far.

I speak in jokes and sarcasm. If you don’t, I apologize right now for literately everything I’ve said.



Though I truly believe laughter is the catalyst to all the good in the world, I’ve seen the serious side of life too. I lost both my parents when I was 26. That was just after they got a divorce because plot twist; my dad was actually gay. (I’m still proud of him for living the last years of his life as his true self.) Shortly after that, I found myself with just a touch of a drinking problem in a job I hated as a divorce paralegal, and in desperate need of a change.


Insert uplifting montage here…..

You must think I was lying about being funny. We’ll get there, I promise. I’m telling you all of that because I want you to know why I do what I do. Those things taught me how strong and brave I am. (But still terrified of ANY and all snakes. I’m not a superhero) They showed me how short life is, how we owe it to ourselves to show up in the world as exactly who we were meant to be. Being a wedding photographer is who I’m meant to be. I get to celebrate the happiest day of a couple’s life. We get to laugh our asses off, maybe cry just a few happy tears, and dance till the sun goes down.


Fun Facts

I got into photography because the guy who taught it at my college was super-hot. I wish I was lying.

I ask my husband for a new puppy every other day.

I wanted to write comic strips when I was little. Still do TBH.

I hate mornings. So I wake up at 5am to drink coffee to ensure I don’t eat my children.

Speaking of kids, I have 2. They look nothing like me, but you’ll know they’re mine the second they open their mouths.

I don’t like dessert. Don’t @ me. More wedding cake for your guests I guess?