When "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them" Doesn't Work Out.

I think many people know I’m not winning any parenting awards.  We will start the story here. My children are notorious for taking their clothes off as soon as they get home and run around the house in their underwear.  Clothes spread all over the house. It drives me crazy. 

LadIes and Gentleman, I present to you Exhibit A:

So, one day I have the brilliant idea that to show them how ridiculous it is, I too will get into my underwear and run around the house.  (There will be no exhibit for this) Do you know how much my children cared?  Zero.  Not at all. 

Feeling a little defeated I started looking for my clothes and looked up,  just in time to see my back neighbors looking at me.  (I have not yet met these neighbors.)  This is the first time they have EVER had their blinds opened.  Awesome. The other weekend my neighbor finally came over and introduced himself to us.  All I could think of while talking with him was, “Oh, he just wanted to know what I looked like with clothes on.”  Parenting fail, life fail.