Hippie Momma Bags

I met Cortney while working at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Denver a while ago.  We will not say how long ago because I refuse to come to grips that my early 20's were that long ago.  She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  She's has a smile and a laugh that electrifies a room.  I'm going to be brutally honest here.  At first, I did not like her because I was totally jealous.  This is something that has weighed on me my entire life and changed the way I am with people.  But Cortney totally won over my heart and has been a life long inspiration.

Cortney lives in the sunny and hot as hell state of Arizona with her husband and 4 gorgeous children.  She has always been creative and artistic which is absolutely no surprise that she has started the company Hippie Momma Bags.  Each bag is an original made with high-quality solid fabric and a lot of love.  She buys the fabric from an organization that directly benefits an orphanage in rural Guatemala. They have a gorgeous southwestern flair.  The inside of the lining of the bag is just as unique as the outside.  I think the best part her company is that she gives back 10% of her earnings to a charity of her choice every single quarter.  They are the Bohemian fun style bags that give back!

I was in Arizona visiting with a friend, and when Cortney caught wind of this, she contacted me and we quickly planned for a desert photo shoot.  We went out to the desert and Cortney told me to wear cowboy boots because of rattlesnakes.  If you know me, you know my absolute fear of snakes, so that made me uneasy the entire time, but cowboy boots it was.  It was 99 degrees out there, but surprisingly it wasn't too hot.  I couldn't understand that.  We headed out to the Gateway Trail Head in Scottsdale, Arizona.  With the red mountains in the background and the Saguaro's sprinkled throughout the preserve, it absolutely took my breath away.  Cortney recruited her amazing and very stylish friend Laura to help out on the shoot.  I was impressed if not a little intimated by Laura's ability to style and accessorize.  These girls rocked this shoot and it was magical.  It was also magical by the fact there were absolutely zero snake sightings, much to Laura's disappointment.

Please go to Cortney's website Hippie Momma Bags and check them out!  Christmas is coming, are you ready?  You can be!

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