Colorado Kate's Tips, Tricks and Recs: Hair and Makeup for Your Hiking Elopement

We've all seen those gorgeous brides who have hiked up the Rocky Mountains or other places, for their elopement and their hair and makeup looks impeccable.  How is that possible???  Let me introduce you to the answer, Megan Swensen of Estes Park Bridal Company.  I was fortunate enough to meet her at our stylized Denver Clock Tower shoot which you may have seen on my previous blog.  Megan worked on the bride's hair and makeup and I was so impressed with her work I had to share her with you!

Megan has been working on hair and make up for over 7 years and has been exclusively doing brides for the last 3 years.  She told me, "It's like painting a canvas, and each and every bride is different and it is so interesting and exciting."   Since she is located in Estes Park, which is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park so she is a great person to contact.  She doesn't even flinch when thinking about a 3 am makeup & hair appointment for your sunrise session.  She truly loves what she does, and it shows in her craft.  Megan was kind enough to give me some tips and tricks to share with you for your mountain hiking engagement or elopement.

Tips and Tricks for your Hair and Make-Up

  1. Use airbrush makeup! The liquid-based silicone is so bendable, it creates a customizable tone that looks more natural and applies lightly.

  2. Keep makeup light and natural. Too much can tend to look a little out of place in the beauty of the mountains.

  3. Use waterproof mascara. There will be tears, a little bit of sweat and you don't want any black coming down your face.

  4. Braids are perfect for hiking and keeping your hair set while hiking and gorgeous against anything the elements may throw your way.

  5. Half-up up hair fairs really well hiking.

  6. Have your stylist do pin curls, then let them down when you arrive at your place of elopement.

  7. (Kate's tip: Hire Megan!!)

  8. Most importantly, make sure you stay true to what is you!!

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