Arizona Love-Hippie Momma Bags

As a solid Colorado girl, I love me some mountains.  Give me ALLLLLL the mountains!  I love the pines, the tundra, the thin air and the constant adrenaline rush that there may be a snake that may get me.  I would never, could never leave Colorado....I mean forever.  After spending a little time in Arizona, I have changed my tune so maybe I could move to Arizona for a few months out of the year....and Iceland but that's another story.

I love the desert.  I love the gorgeous cactus sprinkled all over, I love the dry heat.  My Grandma Ellis once said that her oven is dry heat but she doesn't want to spend any time in it either.  The oven didn't have a beautiful gorgeous saguaro in it or she may have changed her tune and she may have crawled in. (Joke)  While I was there I was able to go on a little adventure and hike at Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale for a sunrise hike.  I realized even though it's the desert, I was still able to try and hike to touch the sky and this made me feel at home.

And you know what else is beautiful in Arizona?  The women.  For real.  They NEVER age, even with all that sun.  I've known Cortney for 15 years and I'm pretty sure she looks younger since moving back from Colorado.  She's a stunning momma of 4, an entrepreneur and a bad ass skateboarder.  Her friend Laura is a natural born model.  Chick is cool as hell and her ability to style people and spaces is an amazing talent.  I'm excited to go back and have her style me as she offered to do.  On top of that, you will not find two more supportive women. 

Cortney owns and designs Hippie Momma Bags.  You guys, you have to check out her website.  They are the most unique, beautiful bags design and made by Cortney.  I'm now the proud owner of 4...and counting!  They are made with material from women in Guatemala and these women hand dye the yarn and then weave it to sell and are able to support their families because of this.  I love this so much!

This fall we did a photo shoot for her.  You can find a link to my blog here.  We have decided this now needs to be a thing every 6 months or so.  It's so much fun to watch Laura and Courtney style and rock these beautiful bags.  I know I tend to be a photographer of love, but I love these bags so much and these two women, so I think it's basically the same.  So now check out my photos, check out her bags and have yourself a wonderful day!!

Beautiful Cortney owner of Hippie Momma Bags showing a black hippie chick bag in the Arizona desert
Beautiful Cortney owner of Hippie Momma Bags showing a black hippie chick bag in the Arizona desert a black and white photo
Beautiful Cortney owner of Hippie Momma Bags showing a gorgeous fringe bag in the Arizona desert
Four gorgeous fringe bags from Hippie Momma Bags laying in the Arizona desert
Lauren causally sitting in Arizona Desert with a gorgeous grey fringe bag
Cortney rocking the black hippie chick fringe bag in the Arizona desert