Kimme and Jarred

I met Kimme years ago.  She worked at the coffee shop below my office over in Boulder, Colorado and I was instantly impressed with her.  She was managing and running this coffee shop and she wasn't even 21.  She took so much care of her customers and genuinely loved her job.  She was such a bright ray of light in my mornings.  I poured endless money in there to get my coffee and breakfast and start my day with a good conversation.

Recently I had a friend travel to Eastern Colorado and was exploring the Paint Mines.  It's this crazy place that kind of looks like Mars, in the middle of the plains!  We decided this would be the perfect place for Kimme and Jarred to do a photo shoot for their engagement session.  So we drove 2 hours to visit this hidden gem of Colorado and I was absolutely not disappointed, this backdrop was gorgeous.  Kimme and Jarred just got into it, ditched their shoes in favor of putting their toes in the sand.  I loved watching them and their love, they were so comfortable with each other and rarely took their eyes off each other.

Congratulations to Kimme and Jarred.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness, but I already know that is in store for you!!!

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