Abby and Bryce

Abby and Bryce were traveling to Colorado from Illinois.  Abby and Bryce are moving out here next month to open a State Farm office in Old Town Arvada.  Apparently, the Midwest has been rocking negative temps lately and so they had to escape to Colorado to warm up and finally get their engagement photos taken.

I met up with Abby and Bryce and we went up to Lost Gulch up in Boulder.  They had never been there before and it was an absolute blast to watch them take in all the scenery.  I've been up there a couple times before and so the "awe" factor has worn off on me, but when you show people the Colorado magic and watch them, take in a moment for the beauty, the magic comes pouring back in.

In an unbelievable turn of events, although it had snowed 4 days before, barely any snow had melted away and we had snowy, cozy engagement session.  It was my favorite.  Abby and Bryce are so kind and they just shine around each other.  My wish for the world is that everyone has a person that looks at you the way those two look at each other.

I had so much fun with Abby and Bryce and I could not be more excited to be welcoming two amazing people to Colorado!  If you need insurance, check out Bryce's new business!

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